Iran and Italy – It’s Amore!


Roses from Rome

This blog takes pride in shedding light on Iran’s exploitation of its diplomatic infrastructure for some very undiplomatic purposes. Turning now to Italy, it’s not hard to identify those same components that exist elsewhere: the embassy, chamber of commerce, spiritual center, local radicals and gullible diplomats.

Money is a central motive here. Import of Iranian oil rose by 90% last year and contracts have been signed for the next three years. As the President of the Italy-Iran Chamber of Commerce, Rosario Alessandro,  boasted, “Rome will be Tehran’s main European trade partner for the year 2013“.


Thorns from Tehran

For its part, Tehran wants to increase its infrastructure of influence in Italy not only through trade and diplomacy but through cultural and political entities as well.

Its base is the Cultural Institute of the Iran Embassy headed by Iranian cultural attache, Ali Pourmarjan. Most of the institute’s activities are seemingly benign – such staging exhibitions and cultural events – but Pourmarjan is a key contact with other organizations which are definitely not benign.

Take the Islamic Association Ahl al Baith organization, for example, created by a neofascist named Pietro Benvenuto who converted to Islam and took on the name of Abd al-Kabir. Abd al-Kabir was inspired and remains in contact with another neofascist and ex-terrorist Claudio Mutti, the editor of  the geoplolitical magazine, Eurasia, who also converted to Islam taking on the name of Omar Amin. Both men and organizations actively support Tehran and are in contact with Pourmarjan and high ranking diplomats in Italy and in Iran.

Another similar organization is the Imam al Mahdi Islamshia center headed by another Italian convert called Hojatolislam Abbas Damiano di Palma who studied in Qom and met former President Ahmadinejad several times.

As in other cases, Tehran’s infrastucture in Italy goes beyond its embassy and religious figures, but rather also includes ties with with radical right wing political organizations such as the “Stato & Potenza” (State & Power) movement whose attacks on “imperialism” clearly mirror Tehran’s sentiments. Its leaders, Lorenzo Salimbeni,  Stefano Bonilauri and Ali Reza Jalali  are all ardent supporters of Iran, Hezbollah and Bashar Assad.

Sounds familiar? Not surprising – especially not the central role by the cultural attache at Iran’s embassy to Italy. Remember Mohsen Rabbani, Tehran’s cultural attache in Buenos Aires during the time of the AMIA attack. Remember  Hamid Mohammadi, cultural attache at Iran’s embassy to Canada (before it was shut down) who bragged about exploiting his position to recruit expatriots for the cause.

10 thoughts on “Iran and Italy – It’s Amore!

  1. To the editor of this article…. Get a life! stop boring us with the same crap blah blah Iran this and Iran that stories…. Go find a New story… We’re sick of the bullshit Israeli lie spinned by you and most other fools who’ve stopped being the brave reporters they should be!
    Get lost and go live in Israel.

  2. Ciao!
    When I read this article I worried about how the misinformation misleads the author. I know some of names mentioned here closely and how good-heart people they are & I don’t know if the author ever visit them too. And I even don’t know if the author knows about their ideology and belief (NEO-FASCIST??!!). With paying respect to the author but I think fortunately this kind of articles won’t ruin historic brotherhood of this ancient civilizations which derived from their special likenesses.

  3. Neo-facist is an extremely polite way to describe anyone who belongs to a group whose bottom line reads “take over the world and kill anyone who gets in the way”. It is really not necessary to know someone “personally” to know their intentions; actions do speak much louder than words. Just keep reporting the facts and you can’t go wrong.

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  5. Don’t let get you confounded by those Italians above, who perhaps are the typical members of forums like Comedonchisciotte, etc. The “alternative” information in Italy is a cartel directed by high powers in the institutions which gives green light to the proliferation of the Eurasianist ideology. I was one of them and I was an anti-Semite member of the forum Comedonchisciotte, once I found the Vatican connection with the world events they always presented as “Jewish plot”, i was expelled from that forum.
    I was in touch with the “Eurasianists” and I can confirm they appreciate very much Adolph Hitler, only their hypocrisy make them to hide all that in a perfect pharisaic style.
    Check out this blog, with much interesting info about the international net of neo-Fascism, not only led by Iran but also by Putin’s Russia:

    “Claudio Mutti doing the Quennelle salute in the courtyard of the former US Embassy in Tehran, autumn 2014
    European far right team at the anti-Semitic conference in Tehran
    On 27 September – 1 October 2014, the Iranian authorities held its annual “New Horizon” conference that hosted more than thirty participants to discuss “Zionist 9/11 conspiracy” and “Israel lobbying” in different countries.

    While the anti-Semitic nature of this annual conference is nothing new, it was “surprising” to see several participants of the conference in Tehran who are supportive of Vladimir Putin’s allegedly anti-fascist regime in Russia.”

    I write in Internet with my true name & surname and am not hiding from years behind a nickname.

    Edoardo Roncelli

  6. Appendix.
    If you want to understand WHY they murdered Alberto Nisman, watch the assassination from the perspective of the Iranian Nuclear Deal – this is why even Israel seems to have abandoned the relatives of AMIA bombing victims, the Iran & Russia are now such a powerful economical black hole which is dragging everything and everyone within, with the force of the money:

    Thursday, September 3, 2015
    Nisman assassination: CASE CLOSED [Nuclear Deal]

    Wednesday, September 16, 2015
    Truth-sayers??! Or…. LIEs-sayers?

    Thank you for the vital info about Italy. God bless you.
    12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Ephesians, 6:12 – King James Bible.

  7. Another interesting source, the blog THE SYRIAN INTIFADA, by Kyle Orton:

    In my “Sunday, August 30, 2015 – Don’t name it “Islamo-phobia”, but call it SUNNI-phobia” I quoted some sources about the coming GOLD RACE of the Western economical investments in IRAN…. THAT murdered Nisman…:

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