Following allegations of vote-rigging in the June 2009 elections in Iran in which Ahmadinejad was reported to have won a whopping 62% of the votes, many disillusioned Iranians hit the streets in protest. Within weeks, high profile protesters including politicians, actors, clerics etc… found themselves arrested and either thrown in jails or unde house arrest.

Subduing the protests required numerous incidents of state-managed violence, subversion and censorship under the direct command of Khamenei himself and within a few weeks, the protesters had dispersed and Ahmadinejad was on his way to infamously shatter Iran’s economy by mismanaging Iran’s foreign relations in general and the Nuclear crisis in particular.

Subsequently, on January 7th 2010, an Iranian diplomat by the name of Mohammad Reza Heydari resigned from his job as Iranian consul in Oslo and within a month, he was granted political asylum by the Norwegian immigration authorities. At the time of his defection, he tried to convince other Iranian diplomats to do the same but he found himself alone against the full weight of the pressure and threats by Tehran.

The protests in Iran were, at the time, “background noise” with little or no interest for me. I had not even heard of Heydari’s defection until sometime in August 2010 when I read an article “Ex-Diplomat Releases Revealing Statement on Iranian Regime” in which he gave details of the involvement of diplomats in breaching diplomatic etiquette and immunity under the guidance of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or Iranian Intelligence.

I believe that Heydari was telling the truth and it suddenly became clear to me that there existed a vicious triangle between the IRGC, Hezbollah and Iranian diplomats with the sole purpose of “exporting the revolution” from Tehran to the world through the use of terrorism. This triangle is unique in that it is sponsored and directed from Tehran and that its immediate goal is to kill civilians who just happen to be at the wrong place, on the wrong side and at the wrong time.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I wish there would be more brave people like Heydari and more than this, I believe that this vicious triangle should be shattered at its critical point – Iranian diplomats.

Diplomats are meant to deal in diplomacy, not in terror. By supporting terrorism, they are not only breaking the law, they are living proof that state-governed terrorism has rules of its own (anything goes).

Yes, I know that there are much more suspicions than facts – The natures of diplomatic immunity and terrorism are based on secrecy…the cases that surface are only the tip of this iceberg and even when they do surface, it takes time and effort to catch the culprits and send them to jail.

And Yes, I know that Iran is not the only country to abuse diplomatic immunity – But there is something dangerous about the system that Tehran manages, a system whose immediate purpose

To Heydari – please don’t give up…your testimony will save lives.

To my critics – please be civil and enlighten us with facts, news and points of view.

To my supporters – please share :).

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  1. It seems realistic but let’s compare Iran’s crimes to USA and Israel’s crimes. You know what I mean. Terrorism theory is made to afraid people to be controlled. Do not count on me for that.

    • why why why why does any concrete discussion about abuses by iran on any level answered immediately by pointing a finger at the us and israel.
      is iran not answerable in itself? an eye for eye is a strategy that will make everybody blind.
      anyway, i know which side i stand on and you seem to be on the other side.

      • Let me first share with you a report from US intelligence community : “This NIE does not assume that Iran intends to acquire nuclear weapons.” p4

        Secondly here’s what West think about Israel’s bomb : “Israeli nuclear bomb threatens stability in the Middle East and complicate American efforts to curb nuclear proliferation worldwide” p2

        “If you are not with me, you are against me” “The Good and the Bad” “the Right and the Wrong”… Forget this narrative, it’s childish. Using such trivial tools possibly underlines a lack of knowledges.
        Us and Israel have a pretty bad record but keep wanting to put war first. Indeed they are not the one who see their citizens dying. Have a look at the figures. Internation Crisis Group, Amnesty, Btselem, etc… Not the #Hasbara.
        So be really carefull with terrorism and security concept. The Iraqis and the Palestinians are the ones mostly suffering of security threat and being under constant terrorist attack.
        In Yemen and Pakistan, for one suspicious (what about the rule of law ?) could-be-terrorist eliminated by drones, they are 100 innocent civilians killed. Is it good terrorism because it’s made in USA ?
        Those two countrys like to think being so-called democratic allow them to engage awful things, because it’s ok, “we are democratic”. We are not in democracy, neither in USA, Israel or France.
        Thus I would use the same argument than yours. Iran is the Israel’s obsession as it diverts attention. Listen to Israelis, Iran is their whole world but the annexion of the Palestinian part of Jerusalem and the occupation (for colonizing) of West Bank cannot be explained by fears of Hamas/Hizbullah/Iran or another bullshit.
        Israel’s justification is “we are the only democratic state so please back up us, please”. Meanwhile all the country’s history is full of blood. One is blind because it wants to be blind.
        You might think USA is entitled to attack Iran because it can ? Your so-called side is anti democratic but has the pretention of being democratic which makes it very dangerous.
        I don’t think USA (Israel just cannot) will attack Iran. But the economic war going on will destroy the entire country. A society multi millenar. Because it can be done and that’s Israel is allmighty in USA ? Because there is not to be a Judaism nation except if Judaism practisors are being threatened somehow, somewhere ? I just can’t swallow all of this.

        The Evil is made of goods initiatives.
        For me, the Iranians are not abstract people so if you want to attack (for false reasons !!), you better have to be morally perfect. How many deaths, miserable made lifes Iran is responsable for ? How many USA’s ? How many Israel’s ? Those two latter are the problem, not the solution.

      • it seems there is a simple pattern in most of the comments here – there are no answers to the questions/issues i have raised…instead, there is only a blatant attack on the west/usa/israel as if by deligitimizing them, you can legitimize the darker side of iran’s regime.

        i don’t know if iran wants/has a nuclear bomb or not – only the top bosses in the regime know that.
        the international atomic energy association (IAEA), the un security council, the eu and the P5+1 seem to have another view on this. perhaps they are right?
        but the nuclear issue is not the point in my blog, is it? so why drag it in? unless you believe that the nuclear isssue is tied in with terrorism?

        let’s agree that all forms of terrorism should be elliminated wherever they exist specially if it is state-sponsored.
        the irgc ties with hezbollah are open and the hezbolla ties with terrorism are quite well known.
        so irgc is connected with terrorism.
        the irgc ties with government, economy and diplomats is also well documented.
        so irgc is connected with diplomats.
        the connection that i am interested in is the one between diplomats and terrorism…is it there or not?
        it’s a simple yes/no question…ready to answer it?

  2. Who am I to know ? Do you want me to trust your word ? Mm no.
    But I wouldn’t be surprise and that was the first thing I wrote, look up !

    USA is legitimate. So do Hezbollah that is resistance and social mouvement, and the Republic of Iran. And all of them do terrorism. If you want to be appreciated, you ought to condemn both sides. It would be no surprise that you are paid for writing : your blog is such straight-forward. Hope you make it big.

    You sound like Jerusalem Post or Fox News. Do you really consider yourself as well-informed and pertinant by using “delegitimizing” which is a fancy word with unfortunately no meaning. That’s how some get rid of critics. But I know you better and that USA and Israel don’t have to bother about theirs actions and take responsabilities for it. Or not.

    USA intelligence tells us there’s no Iran bomb. It’s written black and white. It’s up to you to read this document if not done yet.

    US and European sanctions are not backed by UN SC anymore. Ask yourself why. IAEA’s information are 80% US intelligence.
    It just shows how strong USA’s position is in mediatic and diplomatic battlefields. Another illustration of it is the perpetual escape of Israel’s nuclear bomb problem in the area of IAEA. I didn’t success to find where I read it but it was stunning.

    • for those who don’t get nikto’s salutation: “hasbara” = israel.
      it still baffles me how whenever someone says anything bad about iran, she is automatically labelled an israeli agent.
      i wonder what that make you nikto?

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