Profitable Amnesia Vis a Vis Iran


Iranian Smiles and Money produce “Selective Amnesia”

Since the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1, or some would say since Rouhani got elected, foreign diplomats are rushing to Tehran. It’s as if all the previous allegations and criticism against the Iranian regime were suddenly forgotten.

Why? Either to cash in politically or simply to cash in.

Iranian smiles and the limelight they are in represent twin magnets for many world leaders who wish to share the smiling photo-op limelight, meant for their political home-base as well as their allies and enemies abroad.

But, the “smile limelight” is almost overshadowed by the “mountains” of Iranian Rials that the nuclear agreement promised through renewed trade and drops in sanctions just when the economy is ripe: still low but promising to grow.

For some countries, it’s very simple according to Russian Ambassador to Tehran Levan Dzhagaryan: “We do not recognize the unilateral sanctions of the United States and the European Union regarding Iran, that is why we solely put our national interests first when carrying out trade and economic cooperation with Tehran”.

Since Iran’s influence within Russian territory has never amounted to much they can only win from gain. So whether it’s money or fame, they are rushing for Rials.

But what about other countries that are the targets for a global campaign to export the “Revolution” from Tehran through local Iranian/Shi’ite populations, anti-“imperialistic” (read: US) organizations and Embassy/IRGC/Qods/Hezbollah operatives? Their rush for fame and fortune has led to a selective amnesia of some of the reasons they should not board that plane headed for Tehran.

Italy, is a case in point.

Italians “Forgetting” Local Iranian Subversion

Details of Iran’s subversive involvements in Italy were outlined in an earlier post in November: Iranian diplomats and diplomatic support of local “cultural” projects were leading to active Iranian support for radical anti-establishment political organizations working within Italy against the government.

But when, for the first time in 10 years, an Italian Foreign Minister, Emma Bonino, visited Tehran on December 22nd, there were only smiles for “longstanding” and “strong” ties with Italy, specifically a “good history of cooperation between Iranian and Italian companies“.

Within two weeks a parliamentary delegation headed by Italian Chairman of Foreign Policy Pier Ferdinando Casini flew in promising that “mutual ties could develop in all aspects“.

 Only a week passed by before Italian Minister of Tourism and Culture Massimo Bray visited Iran stating that “Iran and Italy enjoy a long lasting and deep-rooted relationship, adding the two countries share several cultural commonalities” while Zarif ironically added that “The only way to fight [violence and terrorism] is to engage in a cultural action“. Today it is clear that Italy is leading the pack.

It’s obvious none of these people have read our earlier post. Maybe I should translate it to Italian.


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