Rise in Iranian Passport Forgery Arrests


Iranian citizens travelling with forged foreign passports supplied by Iranian nationals are being caught all over the world. Who knows, maybe my blog had something to do with this (I believe I was one of the first to focus on the issue).

For instance, just last week a Syrian woman was apprehended at Kuwait International Airport for travelling under a Portuguese passport supplied by an Iranian forger in Tehran, who had flown in on the same flight but somehow had slipped through – Kuwaiti police went on a manhunt which has been unsuccessful to date.

And two weeks ago, an Iranian man identified as “Ramezani” was detained in Taiwan for travelling under a fake Italian passport supplied in Iran.

We haven’t heard anything to indicate that Tehran is especially perturbed by the behavior of its nationals when it comes to the sanctity of diplomacy and its tools. No big surprise there, in view of the abundance of cases in which the Iranian government has been involved.

Cases in point:

  • In November, three Iranians were apprehended in Brunei for travelling under forged Cypriot passports supplied in Thailand by an Iranian forger known only as “Abdul” who may be connected to master Iranian forger Seyed Paknejad who was caught in Kuala Lumpur  in August ( Paknejad supplied Iranian terrorists with forged passports in Thailand which were discovered following the botched attempt in Bangkok in February 2012).
  • In June, three Iranians were arrested in Cairo for travelling under Turkish passports – police are investigating whether the three were part of the “Iranian Interference” that the Egyptians have been protesting against lately.
  • In April, an Iranian national travelling under an Israeli passport was detained after suspiciously casing the Israeli embassy in Kathmandu – a popular tourist destination for Israeli youths. He is suspected of being associated to the Al Qods force and was planning a terrorist attack similar to the attacks on Israeli nationals in India, Thailand, Georgia and Bulgaria last year.

No wonder Tehran’s maintaining its silence…


2 thoughts on “Rise in Iranian Passport Forgery Arrests

  1. Do you think this is related to the missing jet? An Iranian purchased the tickets for the 2 people with the fake passports. There was an Iranian arrested last year in Nepal, suspected with a terror plot with fake Israeli passports bought in Kuala Lampur. On the more humorous side, I called a suicide hot line recently and my call was routed to a call center in Pakistan, and before I could explain, he asked “Can you drive a truck?”.

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