Iranian Embassies Recruit Latin American Students

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The Washington Post recently supplied additional hard evidence of Iran’s aggressive diplomatic work at ground level in South America to advance its strategic goals there. A must-read for followers of this blog, the article by its respected correspondent Joby Warrick represents a sobering testimony to the manner in which Tehran abuses diplomatic privilege.

Content of the report is worth repeating here in some detail. It tells of “Carlos,” a Mexican law student who found himself targeted by Iranian diplomacy for recruitment purposes. According to his account, back in 2010 he met Mohammad Ghadiri, then Tehran’s ambassador to Mexico, at an Iranian embassy function. After expressing an interest in Islam, within a few months he was on a plane to Tehran with a scholarship – secured by the ambassador.

During a three-month stay, he underwent an “immersion” course in “anti-Americanism and Islam” in Spanish – with two dozen other Latin American students.

The graduates of these indoctrination schools returned back home as “committed disciples” and some are, in Carlos’s words, “crazy-obsessed” – becoming part of Tehran’s “capability to provide logistic, economic and operative support to terrorist attacks decided by the Islamic regime.” In this context, they help recruit more operatives through the mosques and cultural centers that have emerged throughout South America.

This is not the first mention of the involvement of Iranian diplomats in general, and Ghadiri in particular, when it comes to the recruiting of Latin American students. Indeed, in late 2011 the media exposed an Iran-Venezuela cyberplot intended to disrupt the websites of strategic US targets. Ghadiri was there, too.

Interestingly enough, one of the Iranian diplomats interviewed in that case admitted to contact with the students but insisted that he rejected the plan – not because it was an inappropriate situation for a diplomat, but rather because he thought the group was working for the CIA…


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19 thoughts on “Iranian Embassies Recruit Latin American Students

  1. My Name is Nora Vinjoy,you must undersatand,that South America,is not an only country.There are many different ethnias and different,way of thinking,for example,what you said us,is not posible in Argentina,and Sant Kit and Nevis,is not south américa,also..(la Dra NORA CANORIO VINJOY,es por tres años consecutivos,Embajadora de Buena Voluntad en el Estado de Israel)

    • Thank you nora – obviously, the situation is much more complicated and can not be be encompassed in one post. still, the fact remains that Iran is interested in South/Central/Latin America in order to cultivate anti-American sentiments.

      • Latin Americans dont need Iran to cultivate anti-American sentiments. America has cultivated that all on its own.

  2. The picture I saw in this article partially displays the fmexican flag and i just want to remind you that Mexico is not a south american country; in fact, Mexico is not even a central american country. Guatemala and Mexico are part of north America just like the US, Canada and and all the rest.

  3. Anti- American Sentiments have been cultivated in South/Central/Latin America long before Iran’s time! Do you remember Chea Guverra! How bout Fidel Castro? or even Evo Morales, Don’t forget about the notorious Hugo Chávez… People all over the world are just tired of Americas aggression and foreign policy! I am not anti- American, I am an American citizen thats tired of the reputation our government has earned us American!

    • anit-american sentiments are obvisously not baseless and the us foreign policy over the years includes many mistakes.
      does that mean that any anti-american has carte blanche to do whatever he feels like?

      • Blind anti-american sentiments are easily planted on people with little education, But educated people can recognize democratic values, and that makes the difference. Yes, education makes the difference.

      • edgar,
        i am 100% certain that not all anti-americans are uneducated. education is not universal in that it is dependent on regional and cultural contexts.

    • Yes, I remember Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and now Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales. Thanks to those “patriots”, their countries are enjoying chaos, backwardness, and basic food scarcity as never before.

  4. Let’s not split hairs and substitute academic semantics for hard facts. MMellissa is absolutely right in her defining Iran’s nefarious recruiting goals and that’s that.

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